Transnational cooperation

For the 2014-2020 programming period, transnational cooperation is supported by the Interreg VB strand. The cooperation areas increased from 13 to 15 for this programming period, 7 of which involved France. 2.36% of the resources allocated to the European Territorial Cooperation Objective (ETC) are allocated to Interreg VB, i.e. €1,821,627,570.

Art.2 of the ERDF regulation on the ETC objective states: “transnational cooperation over larger transnational territories, involving national, regional and local partners and also covering maritime cross-border cooperation in cases not covered by cross-border cooperation, with a view to achieving a higher degree of territorial integration of those territories”. This cooperation concerns NUTS level 2 regions and may also cover third countries listed in Art. 3(2)

The same thematic concentration rule is applied for transnational cooperation as for cross-border cooperation. In addition to the thematic objectives set out in the Regulation, the ERDF may also support the following investment priorities: «enhancing institutional capacity of public authorities and stakeholders and efficient public administration by developing and coordinating macro-regional and sea-basin strategies»

The Regulation also provides that “transnational cooperation should aim to strengthen cooperation by means of actions conducive to integrated territorial development linked to the Union’s cohesion policy priorities”

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