The Transfrontier Operational Mission (MOT) is an association that was set up in 1997 by the French government.

It is supported at national level by :
- the Commissariat Général à l’Égalité des Territoires (CGET - General Commission for Territorial Equality);
- the Ministries of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the Interior and Overseas France;
- the Caisse des Dépôts.

Its network is comprised of players in border territorie:
- 13 Plurinational grouping of local authorities
- 4 Municipalities
- 13 Groupings of local authorities and territorial authorities
- 5 Departments
- 11 Regions, provinces, etc
- 3 States
- 3 Public enterprises and chambers of commerce and industry
- 4 Federations and national agencies
- 2 Urban planning agencies
- 8 Associations of legal persons and other structures (including metropolitan centers)
- 2 Associations of physical persons
See the membership map below 

This positioning facilitates structured dialogue between national and European authirities and local and regional players.


  • Robert HERRMANN, President of the Strasbourg Eurometropolis, and of the Pôle Métropolitain de Strasbourg-Mulhouse-Colmar: President
  • Laurence NAVALESI, Metropolitan councilor, Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur : Secretary
  • Michel CHARRAT, President of the Groupement Transfrontalier européen : Treasurer
  • Laurence BOETTI-FORESTIER, Regional councilor, Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine : Vice-president
  • François DECOSTER, President of the Agence d’urbanisme et de développement Pays de St Omer-Flandre intérieure: Vice-President
  • Christian DUPESSEY, President of Annemasse Agglo : Vice-President
  • Jean-Marc DURIEZ, President of the Agence d’Urbanisme et de Développement Durable Lorraine Nord (AGAPE) : Vice-President
  • Jean-Louis FOUSSERET, President of the Communauté d’Agglomération du Grand Besançon : Vice-President
  • Claudine GANTER, Regional councilor, Region Grand Est : Vice-President
  • Joël GIRAUD, Deputy of the Hautes-Alpes, national parliamentarian: Vice-President
  • Brigitte KLINKERT, President of the Department of Haut-Rhin: Vice-President
  • Gilles PARGNEAUX, Metropolitan councilor, Métropole européenne de Lille (MEL): Vice-President
  • Anne SANDER, European deputy: Vice-President

Institutional partnership