The MOT’s role is to assist project developers, to promote the interests of cross-border territories and to facilitate the networking of players and the sharing of experiences. It acts as the interface between the different stakeholders in order to find cross-border solutions at the right levels.

The MOT activities are divided into three main categories:

Technical engineering at the service of (cross-)border territories

The MOT provides assistance to territorial authorities, government departments and other practitioners involved in cross-border cooperation through studies and expert missions.
The MOT carries out projects on France’s and European borders in order to provide technical assistance to cross-border players involved in cooperation.
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A resource center and a networking platform

The MOT coordinates a network that brings together practitioners and institutional players involved in cross-border cooperation in a multilevel approach: project developers, territorial authorities, government departments, European programmes, etc.
Since it was set up, the MOT has built up a unique body of resources on cross-border cooperation.
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Taking account of cross-border issues


The MOT communicates the needs of its members to the authorities concerned at national level. If necessary, it draws up proposals for legislative and regulatory changes. The incorporation of cross-border issues into European policies is also a crucial matter for cross-border territories. The MOT defends the interests of its members at European level through numerous actions and partnerships.
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