Promoting the interests of cross-border territories

The result of the work carried out with local and regional stakeholders – assistance and networking – helps promote the consideration of cross-border territories in national and European policies and helps the definition of overall policies and strategies.
The MOT achieves this by acting as a relay, communicating the needs of actors in the field to the authorities concerned and putting forward proposals for legislative and regulatory changes.

at the national level

In France, the introduction of a "national cross-border strategy", with the setting up of a "national system of support on cross-border issues", is a major challenge for the development of cross-border territories.
The MOT is a vehicle for information, support, training and dissemination. It has a comprehensive view of, and a pragmatic, discriminating approach to, the processes at work in cross-border territories. It is a cross-border monitoring body enabling acquaintance with the situation on the borders, following up the decisions taken by government and preparing appropriate deliberations and strategies.

at the european level

European programmes intended to support cross-border cooperation, and more generally Community policies, are levers for the development of cross-border territories.
The MOT makes the voice of cross-border territories heard in Europe and contributes to the consideration of their specific nature in Community programmes and legislation: position papers on cohesion policy, revisions of the Community regulation on the EGTC, etc. These actions also involve direct partnerships with European institutions: the Commission, the Parliament, the Committee of the Regions, and the Council of Europe. The MOT operates in partnership with other organisations working for cross-border cooperation in Europe and around the world.