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COVID-19 - Websites giving information on France's borders and European platforms

To help the public to access information, the MOT has drawn up a list of the main sites that provide up-to-date information along France’s different borders. Click here [FR].
European plaforms.



  • BORDERS FORUM November 2020

    1st Borders Forum - Press release, and recordings online

    1st Borders Forum - Press release, and recordings online
  • EUROPE October 2020

    European Cross-border Citizen's Alliance

    While the crisis initially provoked uncoordinated border measures, it also revealed interdependencies and gave rise to multiple forms of cooperation and cross-border solidarity, which now need to be organised and strengthened by European and national public policies that take full account of the specific nature of cross-border territories.

  • BORDERS FORUM October 2020

    Cross-border territories in Europe – focus for the first day

    The MOT is hosting the first Borders Forum on 9-10 November 2020, on line: two days in which to demonstrate the central role played by cross-border territories in Europe, to persuade both European and national authorities to place them at the heart of their public action and to bear witness to France’s ambitions on the European stage in this area. Close-up on the programme for the first day, with Europe as the overarching theme

  • BORDERS FORUM October 2020

    France’s borders – focus for the second day

    Close-up on the second day devoted to cross-border territories along France’s borders. It will be opened by Jean Jouzel, climatologist and glaciologist and Member of the Academy of Sciences, with the aim of highlighting the diversity of these territories, going from from Dunkirk to Bayonne, by way of Nice, Geneva and Strasbourg, pointing out their specificities and discussing decentralisation, deconcentration and above all differentiation.

  • BORDERS FORUM October 2020

    Interview with Annie Genevard, Vice-President of the Assemblée Nationale and MP for the Doubs Department

    Focus on mountain territories, a topic on the agenda of Round table #8 "Metropolises, mountains, rural areas: what kind of cross-border cohesion?" of the Borders Forum, on 10 november.

  • PUBLICATION October 2020

    A dictionary of borders and cooperation

    The "Critical Dictionary of Borders, Cross-Border Cooperation and European Integration" has just been published: a major publication that contains 209 articles written by 124 authors from different countries and academic disciplines, accompanied by 66 original maps produced by the MOT.