Meetings of the MOT's bodies and the Technicians' Platform

March 2017

Meetings of the MOT's bodies and the Technicians' Platform

In the presence of Michel Delebarre, the MOT's President, Senator of the Nord Department and former Minister of State, and Philip Cordery, MP, Chairman of the study group "cross-border workers and areas" and Vice-President of the MOT, and many elected representatives, the meetings of the board and the general assembly were an opportunity to present the activities of the association, discuss the work programme and approve the activity and financial reports.

Two new representatives were elected to the board and the bureau: Robert Herrmann, President of the Strasbourg-Mulhouse-Colmar Metropolitan Hub, elected vice-president of the MOT, and Arnaud Daoudal, representative of the Caisse des Dépôts, elected as the new Secretary.

The meeting of the Technicians' Platform, which was a chance for interactive discussions with members of the network, highlighted the latter's involvement in preparing for the MOT's 20th anniversary and the conference planned in the autumn. A second meeting of the working group on the subject is scheduled to take place in May. The platform also allowed participants to discuss the network's expectations following the publication in November 2016 of the "diplomacy and territories" white paper by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the need for better coordination between ministries and government departments regarding the monitoring of cross-border issues. Lastly, the meeting was an opportunity to sound out the network about its expectations in terms of the MOT's European activities.

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