The MOT's 20th general assembly in Belval

March 2017

The MOT's 20th general assembly in Belval

At the invitation of the Alzette-Belval EGTC*, a member of the MOT's network, more than 100 people gathered on 15-16 March on the occasion of the MOT's general assembly, in Belval and Villerupt, on the Franco-Luxembourg border.

The Secretary of State, Christian Eckert, who is in charge of the budget and public accounts in France, underscored the "usefulness of the MOT's work, both in terms of the cross-border projects carried out and in giving back collective confidence to our fellow citizens": "concrete achievements are a matter of credibility for public action; they must counter the anti-European discourse."

The field visits organised following the meetings of the MOT's governing bodies gave an example of these "concrete achievements" of cross-border cooperation that should always be celebrated more. The participants were able to visit the former industrial site of Belval, where the University of Luxembourg has moved to, and the site of Micheville on the French side, which has been converted into housing and an arts centre, testifying to the major transformation the area is undergoing. 

Facilitated by the Alzette-Belval EGTC, the cross-border structure that brings together all of the French and Luxembourg partners, the cooperation concerns the redevelopment of the blast furnaces and the former mining facilities, and the creation of a genuine cross-border Franco-Luxembourg conurbation. Moreover, the latter is a candidate to be European capital of culture in 2022, illustrating the progress already made and the desire for a common future on both sides. 

* Represented by Marie-Josée Vidal, Government Advisor of the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg.

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