Mount Viso cross-border biosphere reserve


Mount Viso cross-border biosphere reserve

Countries: France , Italy
Regions concerned: Hautes-Alpes (France); Piémont (Italy)


The Queyras Regional Natural Park (Hautes Alpes Department) is one of the most advanced parks in terms of cross-border cooperation. Located at the base of the geographical and cultural complex of "Mount Viso", it has been actively cooperating for several decades with four natural parks on the Italian side of the mountain range : the "Gran Bosco di Salbertrand", "Orsièra Rocciavrè", "Val Troncea" and "Po Tratto Cuneese" Natural Parks.

The long-term cross-border links are well supported and multi-thematic. They have intensified since the implementation of the Integrated Cross-border Plan (ICP), a tool for territorial dynamisation under the European Alcotra program 2007-2013. The introduction of the 2007-2013 program, followed by the Thematic (PITEM) and Territorial (PITER) Integrated Plans in the Alcotra program 2014-2020, have made it possible to deepen and strengthen this dynamic collaboration.

On 28 May 2013, the "Mount Viso" was recognized as a "Cross-border Biosphere Reserve" by the UNESCO, allowing the territory to become the 13th cross-border biosphere reserve in the world. It covers 294,000 ha and its population amounts to 266,000 residents.