A difficult year for Greater Geneva

December 2014

A difficult year for Greater Geneva

This year of 2014 has been a difficult one for "Greater Geneva".

An opinion poll organised by the Geneva daily, the Tribune de Genève, among its readers shows that they remain "sceptical regarding the way in which the region is developing".

But they state that they are "in favour of Geneva contributing to the financing of infrastructures on French soil". Echoing/following on from the two worrying Swiss votes this year – the "yes" at national level to the initiative "against mass immigration" that provides for the introduction of quotas for cross-border workers, then the "no" of the people of Geneva to a SFr 3 million contribution to finance a car park on French soil – the president of the Conseil d'Etat, François Longchamp, who is also the chairman of the Greater Geneva LGTC, emphasised in the same newspaper:

"We must now reassess the priorities. […] The LGTC is going to focus on what the citizens want most: transport and planning. […] We need to be much more transparent. To show what is being constructed. […] A region that needs 100,000 people to run its economy, services, etc. should be aware that it needs political structures for dialogue, transport structures to move around and of course economic stability."

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