A new cross-border legal access point in Europe

June 2023

A new cross-border legal access point in Europe

The conference to launch the new cross-border legal access point, located at the heart of the Strasbourg-Kehl conurbation, was held on May 10th, 2023 at the Strasbourg judicial court. Its chairman, Thierry Ghera, gives us his view on this new service, the first of its kind in Europe.

"At the heart of the European backbone and one of the most active cross-border regions, where the beautiful Rhineland spirit has flourished, lies the Strasbourg-Kehl conurbation. The fact that people on both sides of the river cross it every day to work, do business or spend time with their families is emblematic of a Europe of everyday life. Citizens of the European Union, the men and women living in this Franco-German conurbation are nevertheless subject to civil rights that are often very different. While crossing the border every day without constraint is an advantage and a cultural enrichment offered by the construction of our beautiful Europe, in the event of a dispute or simply a legal complication, the application of two distinct laws can be a source of incomprehension.

In partnership with the European Consumer Centre, the courts of Strasbourg and Offenburg have set up a Franco-German legal access point modelled on the French system. This contact point offers citizens on both sides of the border unconditional free legal consultations, provided in Kehl by French and German lawyers, notaries and bailiffs, covering all private rights. At the end of the interview, the citizen receives concrete advice on the applicable national law and is directed towards a procedure or mediation.

Supported by the European Commission, this point of access to law enhances legal certainty in cross-border family, civil and commercial transactions, and therefore promotes confidence in crossing borders for people, ideas and goods. It can give a label to those who promote this offer. It helps to build European citizenship in everyday life.

A first in Europe, this point of access to the law could perfectly well be offered on other borders."

More info:
The partnership agreement [FR]
Website of the Bas-Rhin Departmental Council for Access to the Law: CDAD du Bas-Rhin - Conseil Départemental de l'Accès au Droit du Bas-Rhin (

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