Franco-German CCT meeting: "Less bureaucracy, more rail links"

November 2023

Franco-German CCT meeting: "Less bureaucracy, more rail links"

This was the wish expressed by the Franco-German Cross-Border Cooperation Committee (CCT) at its second annual meeting on October 23rd, 2023, in Offenburg, chaired by the Secretaries of State for Europe and General Secretaries for Franco-German Cooperation, Anna Lührmann and Laurence Boone.

Items on the agenda included:

  • The priority of developing cross-border rail links, in the presence of DB and SNCF representatives.

  • Simplification of administrative procedures, with the creation of a working group to develop methods for analyzing the impact of future German and French legislation on border territories. The aim is to subject new legislative initiatives to a "border examination" to avoid - right from the legislative process - the appearance of new bureaucratic obstacles for the population of cross-border regions.

  • Current issues in economic and environmental fields: the creation of a cross-border hydrogen network, the resolution of tax problems in the context of short-time working allowances paid to cross-border employees residing in France, the cross-border apprenticeship agreement signed by France and Germany.

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