Players in cross-border territories have their say

May 2020

Players in cross-border territories have their say

"The coronavirus crisis is putting our European ideals to the test, and obliges us to invent tomorrow’s world. We need to think, in the design of our policies, about the impact of our decisions on our neighbours."

"This is how we will create European value added and the cohesion that characterises our Saarland-Moselle cross-border area and makes it so unique."
Stephan Toscani, President of the Saarland Landtag, and Patrick Weiten, President of the Moselle Department.

"Our cross-border cooperation in the Upper Rhine and PAMINA Eurodistrict has never gone through such a dark period. The border closed, controls for cross-border workers at crossing points, […]. The challenges that await us as we come out of this crisis are huge. We are making the wish that we will be able to review our policies and vision for the future up to 2030 and the governance of our cross-border structures."
Rémi Bertrand, President of the PAMINA Eurodistrict, and Patrice Harster, Director of Services

"Covid-19 knows no borders. That is why cross-border cooperation is crucial to combat this virus effectively. In the Franco-Geneva area, it has been possible to step up the already concrete and well-established cooperation thanks to the mutual trust and solidarity that have built up between the French and Geneva authorities over many years."
Press release from the Canton of Geneva, the Ain Department Prefecture and the Haute-Savoie Department Prefecture.

"Covid-19 is prompting us to think about the new challenges for European territorial cooperation. Will we succeed in our transition from caterpillar to butterfly? What kind of butterfly will we be? No idea! Nonetheless, we need to think about the future of our shared living areas. How will Europe help us to do this? By focusing the political agenda on the issues of healthcare, mobility, solidarity, environmental protection and citizenship. And by daring to put in place a large-scale European Marshall Plan to help countries to get back on track."
Loïc Delhuvenne, Director of the Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai Eurometropolis.

"The health crisis is having a major impact on cross-border territories. Cross-border cooperation will be vital to address the coming difficulties."
Arola Urdangarin, Director of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine-Euskadi-Navarra Euroregion.

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