Network day in Lille on cross-border mobility

November 2019

Network day in Lille on cross-border mobility

At the invitation of the MOT, the CNFPT (National Centre for Territorial Public Administration) and the Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai Eurometropolis, 40 people gathered on 13 November in Lille to talk about cross-border transportation. The three sessions focused on: the need for the observation of flows and the reasons for travelling (work, shopping, leisure, healthcare); the challenges encountered in drawing up cross-border mobility strategies; and the breaking-down of the strategies into territorial projects.

The experiences highlighted relate to metropolitan territories as well as less densely populated areas:

  • One month from the launch of the Léman Express between Annemasse and Geneva, the director of Lémanis SA presented the history and expected impact of the first cross-border regional rapid transit network.

  • The Agape (North Lorraine Urban Planning Agency) presented the MMUST project, which, in collaboration with Luxembourg, will construct a model to describe the impact of projects with respect to flows of workers and goods.

  • The Lille European Metropolis presented the results of the latest “Household Journeys Survey”, extended to include the cross-border territory thanks to a partnership with the Walloon and Flemish regions.

  • With the most frequently used means of transport to cross borders in France and Europe generally still being the car, the day highlighted alternative forms of car use, with the example of the car-sharing scheme in the Jura Arc.

  • The Strasbourg-Ortenau Eurodistrict presented its cross-border tramline and other secondary links, such as the bus route between Erstein and Lahr. This latter case involves the integration of the private bus company into the overall transport network.

  • Lastly, a more recent project, called TRANSMOBIL, highlighted the existence of many “missing links” in the local public transport network between West Flanders Province and the Nord Department.

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The following day, the participants continued their discussions in Brussels at a seminar run by DG REGIO and DG MOVE: "Boosting Cross-Border Regions through better Transport!". More info - The presentations

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