Impact in border territories of the law on public security, in France

February 2017

The vice-president of the MOT; Joël Giraud, member of parliament for Hautes-Alpes, is demanding special arrangements in border areas for authorisations for minors leaving the country.

"What does a student at the agricultural college of La Motte-Servolex (Savoie) who makes the journey from Briançon to Chambéry have in common with the child of a family in Ile-de-France who takes a combined train/coach ticket for Paris to Montgenèvre? They both cross the France-Italy border twice even though their departure and arrival points are in France. And, since 15 January, they can only make their journey when in possession of an up-to-date and correct authorisation to leave French territory. The problem for the first, is if the parents are in conflict and do not both sign the permit, the child has to give up studying. […]."

It is in seeking to avoid such absurd situations that Joël Giraud has been taking part in the general discussion of this draft law, as well as proposing amendments in order to find a legislative solution for border areas.

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