Two contributions by the CECICN for DG REGIO and DG MARKT

January 2014

Two contributions by the CECICN for DG REGIO and DG MARKT

In the context of the 2014-2020 programming period, the CECICN1, of which the MOT is a member, in December 2013 officially submitted two contributions to the European Union’s DG REGIO and DG MARKT in order to prepare an upcoming meeting at European level.

The first contribution, addressed to DG REGIO, is on “Integrated territorial approaches and small project funds within the 2014-2020 programming period”. The CECICN supports the integrated approaches presented in the various programming documents and highlights some difficulties that might arise regarding their use in a cross-border context. It also follows the position to maintain the micro-project funds in the 2014-2020 programming period. At the same time, the CECICN submitted to DG REGIO its position on the role of cities and the urban dimension in macro-regional strategies. It highlights the importance for cities to participate in the macro-regional process, looking for more open, effective and ambitious cooperation.

The second contribution, submitted to DG MARKT, is on “Single market – topics in link with citizenship”. The CECICN holds that the single market and citizenship2 are two particularly important starting points for exploiting the potential of cross-border, transnational and inter-regional cooperation. In this context, it puts forward practical proposals in terms of employment/training, economic development and innovation, energy and sustainable development, transport and quality of life of the citizens. European territorial cooperation contributes to the implementation of the single market and identifies the needs of the territories, in particular cross-border territories.

Through these two contributions, the CECICN wishes to offer the European Commission the vision and the position of the cities involved in territorial cooperation in Europe.

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1 Conference of European Cross-border and Interregional City Networks,
2 The CECICN organised a workshop on this topic at the Open Days in October 2013: more info.

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