Vosges du Nord–Pfälzerwald Transfrontier Biosphere Reserve


Vosges du Nord–Pfälzerwald Transfrontier Biosphere Reserve

Countries: Germany , France
Regions concerned: France – Grand Est Region; Germany – Land of Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate)


The result of cooperation between two neighbouring national biosphere reserves, that of the Vosges du Nord (Northern Vosges) created in 1998 and that of the Pfälzerwald (Palatinate Forest) created in 1992, the Vosges du Nord–Pfälzerwald Transfrontier Biosphere Reserve was recognised by UNESCO in December 1998. It is the first cross-border biosphere reserve in Europe. It covers an area of 3105 km ² – 1800 km ² in Germany and 1305 km ² on French territory – and brings together around 337,000 inhabitants.

The territory of the biosphere reserve "Vosges du Nord–Pfälzerwald" displays homogenous geological characteristics and has a common natural heritage – assets for cooperation and territorial cohesion. The main landscape of the reserve consists of temperate forest that covers nearly three quarters of the territory, on both sides of the Franco-German border, representing the largest area of contiguous forest in Western Europe. The urbanized portion of the territory is very small, favouring the preservation of this environment. The inhabitants of the reserve share languages, as well as similar cultures and traditions.


Photo Copyright: Sycoparc