Basel Trinational Eurodistrict

Countries: Germany , France , Switzerland
Regions concerned: France – Grand Est Region; Switzerland – Cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft; Germany – Land of Baden-Württemberg

The Basel Trinational Eurodistrict (ETB) is situated at the opening of the Rhine valley and the plain of Alsace, at the junction between the three countries, France, Germany and Switzerland. This shared living space, which covers nearly 2000 km2, is a very heterogeneous territory.

An attractive economic fabric and living space have developed thanks to its advantageous geographic situation. The 250 communes of the Basel Trinational Eurodistrict together number just over 920,000 inhabitants. Its territory covers a variety of landscapes, from dynamic urban areas in Basel to rural spaces of Sundgau in France, from the Black Forest in Germany to the Jura in Switzerland. These territories are marked by a significant interdependence, characterised notably by the high volume of local cross-border flows (more than 60 000 border workers cross these borders daily). The conurbation is enriched by the diversity of sectors that make it up, yet it remains a fragmented space.

The local and regional authorities quickly recognised the need for close cooperation in order to improve the attractiveness of the cross-border area and put suitable infrastructure in place. Their commitment to cross-border cooperation resulted in the establishment of the Basel Trinational Eurodistrict in 2007.