Chaves-Verín Eurocity

Countries: Spain , Portugal
Regions concerned: Norte Region (Portugal), Autonomous community Galicia (Spain)


Launched in 2007, the Chaves-Verín Eurocity project is led by the two municipalities of Chaves and Verín, located in Portugal and Spain respectively. The fruit of a solid political collaboration and shared interests, cross-border cooperation between the two towns has grown considerably. With its exemplary level of involvement of civil society within its system of governance, the Eurocity’s main objectives are: the appropriation of a “Euro-citizenship”, the sustainable development of the territory and the implementation of a cross-border economic dynamic. As a member of the city network “Eixo Atlantico” and the Euroregion “Galicia–Norte Portugal”, the Chaves-Verín Eurocity is an integral part of the cross-border dynamic between Portugal and Spain. Both cities institutionalised their partnership by taking the form of a European Grouping for Territorial Coopération (EGTC) in 2013.
The Eurocity is rewarded by the European Commission in 2015. The EGTC won the “Citystar” award; the institutional, economic, social, cultural integration of the partnership is honored.