Towards an active Franco-Italian citizenship with the "DAC" project

February 2023

Towards an active Franco-Italian citizenship with the "DAC" project

Supported financially by the Interreg ALCOTRA programme, the "Developing Active Citizenship" (DAC) project aims to raise citizens' awareness of the challenges of the Green Pact for Europe.

To this end, the Unité des communes valdôtaines Grand-Paradis (Lead Partner), the GAL Valli del Canavese, the GAL Valli di Lanzo, Ceronda e Casternone, the Communauté de communes Cœur de Savoie, and the Communauté de communes Les Versants d'Aime have set up a series of actions to raise awareness of the challenges to be faced and to encourage an active contribution to the adaptation of their territories to climate change.
The project has resulted in the creation of an e-learning platform to discover or deepen topics related to sustainability and European integration; the organisation of training and face-to-face exchanges for elected officials, technicians, and young people with the aim of co-constructing concrete solutions for the territory; and the restructuring and development of a training and cross-border coworking space in Arvier (Italy) that will strengthen cooperation between France and Italy.
With the support and legal expertise of the MOT, the five partners have also formed the cross-border association "TERACTION". Its objective: to perpetuate the cooperation and lead to the creation of an EGTC which will be able to continue the actions initiated under the DAC project.

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