A cross-border component for the Sambre-Avesnois-Thiérache Pact

December 2021

A cross-border component for the Sambre-Avesnois-Thiérache Pact

On 19 November, the French President Emmanuel Macron came to the Avesnois and the Thiérache to sign a second-generation contract between the French state and the territory.

Via the assessment carried out and the actions programmed, several “cross-border reflexes” are identified, with strategic impacts for the French-Belgian territory, which include: the establishment of a cross-border cooperation committee, railway interoperability, a common waterways plan, cross-border district heating loops, employment market governance, tourism, and healthcare cooperation.

The President of the Maubeuge Val de Sambre Conurbation Community (CAMVS), Benjamin Saint-Huile, is one of the signatories of the Pact. In parallel, the CAMVS has initiated a process supported by the MOT for the development of a cross-border strategy.

Signed document and more info available on the Prefecture website

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