Meeting of the Franco-Geneva Regional Committee: a decision on cross-border teleworking is vital !

June 2022

Meeting of the Franco-Geneva Regional Committee: a decision on cross-border teleworking is vital !

On 12 May 2022, a meeting of Greater Geneva’s political body for cooperation, the Franco-Geneva Regional Committee, which brings together local elected representatives and decentralised authorities from both sides of the border, met in Geneva.

Among the items on the agenda, cross-border teleworking gave the MOT and the the opportunity to present their recent studies on this subject. The approaching end (on 30 June 2022) of the derogations agreed by France and Switzerland that enable many cross-border workers to telework full-time without their social security or tax situation  being affected, and the positive effects of the new work habits adopted by cross-border workers, have made the territory’s political players fully aware that action to permanently reorganise the working time of these cross-border workers is vital. This is especially true given that in Geneva agreements with the French side do not provide for authorised days of teleworking for cross-border workers. In the meantime, extending the temporary arrangement would make it possible to organise a system that protects everyone’s interests.

The MOT’s study (in French), which has just been published, analyses the rules with respect to the taxation and social security of cross-border workers who work from home,  the existence and implications of the derogations agreed in connection with the pandemic, the statistics on cross-border workers’ teleworking and the impacts with respect to stakeholders. It also sets out conclusions and recommendations for actions to be carried out.
Following these discussions, the members of the Committee stressed the urgency of the situation and undertook to refer the issue to their respective competent national authorities as soon as possible. A joint motion was moreover sent to the French minister.

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