The PAMINA Eurodistrict has become an EGTC

Janvier 2017

The PAMINA Eurodistrict has become an EGTC

The ceremony to mark the setting-up of an EGTC for the PAMINA Eurodistrict on the Franco-German border took place on 11 January 2017 in Haguenau. This new status is being accompanied by changes in the structure's governance, the main aims of which for 2017 are set out here.

As well as the groupings of municipalities on the French side joining the EGTC, a "PAMINA Mobility Action Plan" is to be implemented, comprising a plan to create a cross-border tram-train network linking the Eurodistrict's three territories (Central Upper Rhine, Southern Palatinate and Northern Alsace) using existing tram and railway lines and ones that can be put back into service.

This long-term project with high economic value added will require an expert assessment of its feasibility in 2017. The EGTC is also to step up its policy of pooling the skills of players in its territory through the signature of a partnership agreement with the Karlsruhe TechnologieRegion on the economy, innovation and science in the cross-border setting.

This year should also see a cross-border partnership around a geothermal project in the Canton of Wissembourg led by the Bas-Rhin Departmental Council; a cross-border partnership around a project to redevelop the former military base in Drachenbronn as a tourist attraction; and support for the creation of a "Franco-German experimental digital site" on a cross-border part of the French and German road network, to enable industry and research to carry out experiments in real-life traffic conditions.

In 2017, reflections will also be initiated on the drawing-up of a "PAMINA Economic Action Plan", and networking at the level of the four Eurodistricts in the Upper Rhine and the SaarMoselle Eurodistrict, which together cover 90% of the Franco-German border, with a very high level of proximity vis-à-vis local citizens.

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Read the editorial by Rémi Bertrand, President of the PAMINA Eurodistrict EGTC

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