The goals of the Alzette Belval EGTC until 2027

January 2022

The goals of the Alzette Belval EGTC until 2027

The Alzette Belval EGTC has unveiled its new cross-border strategy for the next six years.

This Franco-Luxembourg cross-border cooperation structure was set up in 2013. Its daily activities are aimed at promoting the emergence of a cross-border conurbation around Esch-sur-Alzette, notably through actions to foster harmonious coexistence and following principles of sustainable development.

Among the topics highlighted in this new strategy is healthcare, with the aim of addressing the shortage of healthcare professionals in the area. "One of our goals is to ensure that the border is no longer a barrier," emphasises Dorothée Habay-Lê, the EGTC’s director. Some of the other priorities include: making the territory an "educational laboratory" by setting up a network of European schools, creating "a green oasis to be protected and promoted", and continuing to act as an initiator and facilitator, with many actions to benefit citizens and promote "daily life without borders".

With respect to this new strategy, which is aligned with the EU programming periods, the EGTC will be able to implement the goal of "a Europe closer to citizens" for Alzette Belval, within the framework of the Greater Region Interreg. The objective is to promote integrated local development in territories that have a stable cross-border governance tool and an integrated multi-sectoral strategy (which is the case for Alzette Belval).

Download the press release [FR].

Photo: Inauguration of the Vël'OK bicycle rental stations in the framework of the Interreg project "ABACTIV".

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