The MOT, keynote speaker at CEREMA's "Mobility Days"

September 2023

The MOT, keynote speaker at CEREMA's "Mobility Days"

Every year, Cerema, the Gustave Eiffel University and the STRMTG (Ministry of Transport) organise the "Mobility Days of the Scientific and Technical Network". This year they were held in Metz from July 3rd to 5th.

The MOT and its secretary general, Aurélien Biscaut, were asked to open the event with an introductory lecture. This was an opportunity for the MOT to draw up a general picture of cross-border territories and their challenges in terms of cross-border mobility, but also to discuss the cross-border realities and challenges of the Grand Est and northern Lorraine, the host territory for these days and a territory particularly concerned by cross-border mobility issues. In conclusion, the MOT attempted to outline some local, national and European responses to these challenges.
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