The REGIO PAMINA Eurodistrict: a day devoted to cross-border employment

December 2014

The REGIO PAMINA Eurodistrict: a day devoted to cross-border employment

The cross-border labour market was the leitmotif of the event held on Thursday, 27 November 2014 by the REGIO PAMINA Eurodistrict and the social enterprise Neue Arbeit in Lauterbourg. Around 60 French and German players from the political sphere, administration and economy came together to take part in two roundtables on this topic.

The morning's discussion was focused on the ending and assessment of the cross-border ESF project PAMI45+NA (Baden-Württemberg ESF). It highlighted the innovative nature of the project, which aimed to promote the integration into the labour force of older workers (45+) at a cross-border level. This age group tends to be forgotten in the face of the massive problem of youth unemployment, when in fact it constitutes an important component for a balanced labour market.

The discussions in the afternoon were introduced with a presentation of the employment situation in the territories of the Upper Rhine and the REGIO PAMINA Eurodistrict. In it, the latter's director, Patrice Harster, affirmed the need for coherent collaboration between the different territorial levels (Europe, Upper Rhine, Eurodistricts).  The roundtable, with representatives of these different levels, enabled a discussion of the obstacles to and prospects for a cross-border labour market. A representative from the European Commission, and Karl-Heinz Lambertz, the President of the AEBR and member of the Committee of the Regions, made contributions.

The coordination of activities at the cross-border level and the coherent use of funds, particularly from Europe, thus emerged as major elements to strengthen cooperation.

The importance of the REGIO PAMINA Eurodistrict's work was affirmed and it was encouraged to continue with it.

In conclusion, Martine Calderoli-Lotz, Vice-President of the Conseil régional of Alsace, underscored the predominant role of the territorial level, which is able to carry out "tailor-made" actions that complement those at regional level.

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