European studies on Cross-border Public Services (CPS)

February 2023

European studies on Cross-border Public Services (CPS)

At the end of 2022, the Commission published its report "Cross-border public services: CPS inventory analysis and policy recommendations".

This report, published in December 2022, presents the final findings of the study on "Cross-border public services" (CPS) and complements the previous reports, with three specific objectives:  
- consolidate the conceptual framework used to identify and document CPS
- design a methodology and process for future inventory data input, validation and monitoring
- produce a policy analysis and recommendations on cross-border obstacles and future CPS deployment in this report and 30 case studies.
The analysis covers the 1,551 services in the ESPON-REGIO CPS database. Most CPS are along the borders of the six founding EU Member States and the Nordic countries. Density is the highest at the Belgian-Dutch border, followed by the Austrian-German and French-German borders. CPS are mostly located along borders with a long tradition of cross-border cooperation or with significant pressure for public services in sparsely populated territories.
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ESPON Cross-border Public Services 2.0 (CPS 2.0)

Published in September 2022, this ESPON CPS 2.0 study hasbeing implemented in a complementary effort and coordination with the Cross-Border Public Services project by the DG REGIO. Yhis Espon study focuses on updating the CPS inventory by adding new CPS and updating information on existing ones. This inventory is designed with sustainability and robustness in mind for continuous monitoring of CPS. In 2022, it contains information on about 1500 CPS across the EU including borders with IPA and neighbouring countries.  
An interactive platform will soon allow to browse this new dynamic inventory online.
The MOT participated in the realization of this study, together with Spatial Foresight Gmbh (Luxembourg), TCP International GmbH (Germany) and AEBR.
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