In 2023, the Cerdagne hospital will develop its cross-border healthcare offer

April 2023

In 2023, the Cerdagne hospital will develop its cross-border healthcare offer

For almost a decade, the Cerdagne hospital has demonstrated that a cross-border public hospital service can operate within a controlled budget, with an increasing number of patients, and a hybrid legal model, an example of a concrete achievement of the Europe of Health.

Access to a high-performance technical platform for a population in a territory far from urban centers is at the heart of the concerns of the ARS Occitanie. In this region of 35,000 inhabitants, thanks to the Cerdagne hospital, the population has access to an emergency service, imaging equipment (a latest generation scanner to be renewed in 2023), links with referral centers via the SMUR, a helicopter and telemedicine tools.

Despite the low number of deliveries (170/year), the maternity ward has a full team of gynecologists and pediatricians (with the cooperation of Barcelona hospitals and the French SSR operated by Alefpa). The Franco-Catalan cooperation thus makes it possible to mobilize resources on both sides of the border, making it attractive to health professionals motivated by an innovative project.

In the near future, the teams plan to expand the cross-border healthcare offer with a cancer site (chemotherapy, in cooperation with the Perpignan hospital), and to open outpatient psychiatric services with the Thuir hospital, after the hospital expanded its dermatology and ophthalmology consultations in 2022 with new French and Spanish doctors. At-home hospitalization will also open in Cerdanya in September.

These advances are being made carefully, seeking the consensus of the hospital's dynamic forces, elected officials and our partners in health establishments, and in consultation with our counterparts in Catsalut.

In 2023, the ARS and Catsalut will work with our respective Ministries on the recognition of diplomas to simplify medical recruitment, which is one of the objectives set out in Article 28 of the Franco-Spanish Treaty of Friendship signed in Barcelona on January 19th, 2023.

As part of the European pilot project implemented by DG REGIO with the support of the OECD, which has selected five applications from European borders, including that of the Pyrenees Working Community, the Cerdanya hospital will host a mission of experts in June, focusing on new legal tools to strengthen health cooperation in cross-border living areas, based on feedback from the Cerdanya example.

Read the editorial by Xavier Faure, President of the Executive Board of the Cerdanya Hospital EGTC, Project Director at the Occitania Regional Health Agency: "Health between France and Spain: from the Cerdanya Hospital to the Franco-Spanish Treaty of Friendship".


Photo : Hôpital de Cerdagne

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