European Cross-border Citizen's Alliance

October 2020

European Cross-border Citizen's Alliance

While the crisis initially provoked uncoordinated border measures, it also revealed interdependencies and gave rise to multiple forms of cooperation and cross-border solidarity, which now need to be organised and strengthened by European and national public policies that take full account of the specific nature of cross-border territories.

This is why, at a time when Europe is preparing to decide on its budget and trajectories for the period 2021-27, the European Commitee of the Regions, the MOT, the AEBR1 and the CESCI2, will propose on 9 November3 a "European Alliance for Cross-Border Citizens".

This Alliance advocates, on behalf of cross-border territories throughout Europe, that European and national decisions should in the future provide border authorities with more resources and powers to deepen cooperation across borders. It is addressed to European and national authorities.

The signatories of the Alliance advocate that:
- border regions are reflected more fully in EU policy and legislation,
- border regions and their cross-border groupings be involved in the conference on the future of Europe,
- border public authorities have appropriate powers and specific resources, as well as fast-track procedures,
- negotiations on the draft regulation on a European Cross-Border Mechanism (ECBM)4 come to a successful conclusion,
- the legal and administrative obstacles to cross-border cooperation are removed,
- the States and the European Commission carry out cross-border territorial impact assessments of public policies, etc.
- cross-border observatories be set up to measure cross-border integration and identify obstacles,
- an effective framework allows the implementation of cross-border public services,
- border regions be involved in the implementation of the European Green Deal, and fully benefit  from the Next Generation EU recovery plan,
- a minimum level of cross-border cooperation is guaranteed in the event of a global, European or regional crisis.

To consult the text of the Alliance5.  
To sign the Alliance.

Association of European Border Regions.
2. Central European Service for Cross-Border Initiatives (equivalent structure to the MOT on the borders with Hungary).
3. During the Round Table #1 of the Borders Forum. More info - Register online.
COM(2018) 0373.
5.The treaty text is translated in the 24 official languages of the EU.

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