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Beyond Borders Breakfast Debate #1: "Public service cooperation during the Covid-19 pandemic"

9 February 2021, online

Organised by the Border Focal Point Network and the European Commission (DG REGIO). A series of events launched on the DG REGIO’s Futurium platform. With a contribution from Jean Peyrony.

The first of the ‘Beyond Borders: Breakfast Debates’ focused on cross-border public service cooperation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ‘Beyond Borders Breakfast Debates’ is a series of online events organised by the Border Focal Point Network and designed to highlight ways in which obstacles to cross-border cooperation can be reduced as well as promote the pooling of services along the EU’s internal borders.

The speakers:
    •    Jean Peyrony, MOT
    •    Nicolas Rossignol, ESPON
    •    Dirk Peters, DG Regio
    •    Brigitte van der Zanden, EU Prevent
    •    Julia Winkler, Health across
    •    Pascal Boijmans, DG Regioe
    •    Martin Guillermo-Ramirez, AEBR
    •    Nathalie Verschelde, DG REGIO

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