Austrian-Hungarian-Slovak Umbrella Project

Pays : Autriche, Hongrie, Slovaquie
Frontière(s) : Autriche-Hongrie, Autriche-Slovaquie, Hongrie-Slovaquie,
Thème(s) :
- Développement économique
- Environnement
- Aménagement et urbanisme
- Tourisme
- Transports, mobilités

Porteur du projet : Austria

As a World Heritage Site and a highly sensitive ecosystem the Lake Neusiedl/Fertötó - Region requires a tailor made environmentally sound management of transport and infrastructure, to accomplish both the requirements to protect human health and the environment as well as to perform as a sustainable region. As a result the umbrella project was started to develop and implement measures which will ensure that the intrinsic assets of a World Heritage Site and its ecosystem remain in accord with the challenges posed by the need for mobility, as well as by transport, economy and tourism. Additionally, this project is a contribution to a sustainable, cross-border development of the region. The umbrella project is based on an agreement by the Austrian and Hungarian ministries of environment, which has been declared at the international conference “Sensitive Areas – a Key Challenge for Environment and Transport in Europe” in 2001 in Eisenstadt; the project was later expanded to include the Slovak Republic as well.


- The Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management
Austrian project partners :
- The Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology
- The Austrian Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour
- The Federal State Burgenland
Hungarian project partners:
- Regional Development Authority
- Fertö Hanság Nemzeti Park
- Ministry of the Environment
Slovak project partners:
- Autonomous Region Bratislava

Objectifs du projet

To promote an environmentally sustainable transport and tourism in the region of the Lake Neusiedl.

Activités du projet

5 main project items was further specified :
- Module 1 Innovative, sustainable public transport
- Module 2 Cross-border mobility centre - implementation of make IT
- Module 3 Eco-mobility and eco-tourism
- Module 4 Sustainable commercial transport and regional development
- Module 5 Tailored infrastructures and new vehicle technologies

Coût total

10 000 000 €

Subventions européennes

5 000 000 €