Pyrenees-Cerdanya territory

Countries: Spain , France
Regions concerned: Community of communes Pyrénées-Cerdagne (Department of the Pyrénées-Orientales, France); Consell comarcal of Cerdanya (Spain)

Created on 16 September 2011, the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation “Pyrénées-Cerdagne”, also called “Pirineus-Cerdanya”, brings together the “Pyrénées-Cerdagne” Community of Communes and the Consell comarcal of Cerdanya territories located on the Cerdan Plateau, a real cross-border living area between France and Spain. This EGTC aims to bolster cross-border cooperation towards better economic and social cohesion, particularly in terms of tourism development and heritage enhancement.

The EGTC brings together 16 communes of the “Pyrénées-Cerdagne” Community of Communes and the Consell comarcal of Cerdanya, with Puigcerdá as its capital. The Cerdan Plateau is located in a rift valley, which encourages contact between cultures through the lack of physical obstacles. The coherence of the Cerdanya geographic area is reinforced by the Catalan language and the existence of shared cultural traditions. Relations between inhabitants on either side of the border have always been intense.