Hainaut Cross-border Nature Park

Countries: Belgium , France
Regions concerned: Belgium – Walloon Region; France – Nord-Pas-de-Calais region


The Hainaut Cross-border Nature Park was established in 1996. It consists of two parks on either side of the Franco-Belgian border: the Regional Nature Park “Scarpe-Escaut” (PNRSE) on the French side (the oldest Regional Nature Park or “PNR” in France, created in 1968) and the Natural Park of the Plaines de l’Escaut (PNPE) on the Belgian side (created in 1996).

The area comprises 75,000 hectares, 255,000 inhabitants and 97 villages and towns. It is located between Lille and Valenciennes, Tournai and Mons.

This well-established cooperation is one of the most sustained in Europe between protected natural areas. The two parks are working to create a common legal structure that will be able to carry forward the merger of the two parks.


Photo: Transparcnetmeeting 2014 - Rights reserved.