A cross-border strategy for the French-Swiss Jura Arc

May 2016

A cross-border strategy for the French-Swiss Jura Arc

On 18 April 2016, the Conférence TransJurassienne (CTJ) presented its new strategy for cross-border cooperation in the territory of the French-Swiss Jura Arc.

The result of a consultation process with all of the territory's stakeholders and drawn up with assistance from the MOT, this strategy is designed to generate fresh dynamism in the Jura Arc. It is based on a system of closer cooperation with the regions that make up this area and should facilitate the emergence of new French-Swiss projects. It is structured around four thematic areas: economic development, mobility, spatial management and "living together".

The strategy will constitute a framework for the mobilisation of public cofinancing granted to cross-border projects, notably those supported by the France-Switzerland Interreg programme. It can also draw on a recently created fund to support small projects.

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