A successful cross-border citizens' dialogue at Callicanes

May 2024

A successful cross-border citizens' dialogue at Callicanes

The European elections in June 2024 place cross-border territories and the challenges of “everyday Europe” at the heart of the debate. To mark the occasion, the MOT has launched a dialogue with border citizens, focusing on local, cross-border and European issues. And the West-Vlaanderen - Flanders-Dunkerque-Côte d'Opale EGTC has responded by organizing a citizens' dialogue on its territory:

On April 16th, 2024, an exchange between cross-border neighbors took place at the former Callicanes border post. The aim of this citizen dialogue was to discuss what Flemish, Belgian and French people have in common, as well as their desires for “cross-border life”. Exchanges, debates and discussions around common themes such as language, transport and culture paved the way for new ideas. The border is seen as a cultural, linguistic and economic asset - in short, as an opportunity to be exploited!

A resounding success, the event brought together some thirty citizens, and may well lead to other joint events.



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