Seminar: "The Grand Est region and its neighbours"

November 2016

Seminar: "The Grand Est region and its neighbours"

Close to 300 people gathered in Strasbourg for a major seminar on the cross-border relations of the new “Grand Est” region of France.

Organised by ADEUS (the Strasbourg Conurbation Development and Town Planning Agency), in partnership with the MOT, the FNAU (Federation of French Urban Planning Agencies), the Strasbourg Eurometropolis and the Grand Est Regional Council, the day was organised around two roundtables – introduced by presentations of successful experiences – which included:

  • "Development models for cross-border regions"*
  • "Levers for the development of our cross-border territories"

Concluding, the President of the Grand Est Region, Philippe Richert, underlined the eminent cross-border character of his region: “with 45% of France’s borders, and 5 countries, our region is a territory that makes a mark on Europe. We cannot build its future without taking into account our neighbours!”

Proceedings will be published before the end of the year.

* Moderated by the MOT.

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