Meeting of the CECICN in Brussels

June 2016

Meeting of the CECICN in Brussels

The CECICN - Conference of European Cross-border and Interregional City Networks - held meetings of its political board and executive board on 15 June in Brussels in the presence of four of its member networks: the MOT, the CESCI (Central European Service for Cross-border Initiatives), the UBC (Union of Baltic Cities) and the FAIC (Forum of Adriatic and Ionian Cities).

Per Bødker Andersen, President of the UBC, was re-elected the CECICN's President until 31 December 2017. He will now have two Vice-Presidents at his side, Michel Delebarre, the MOT's President and András Levente Gál, Vice-President of the CESCI.

The executive board then worked on its 2016 action programme and in particular the forthcoming submission of its project entitled "Europe for Citizens" involving the organisation of four thematic seminars led by four of the CECICN's network members.

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