MOT partner in a global network for border studies

September 2021

MOT partner in a global network for border studies

Following on from the “Borders in Globalization” (BIG) project, this new network, “21st Century Borders: Emergent Challenges Among and Within States”, brings together nine intergovernmental and transnational organisations including the MOT, as well as leading universities (from 15 countries*). Led by researchers at the University of Victoria (Canada), it has just received funding of over $9 million.

This new network explores the changing nature of borders – physical, virtual or mobile (pre-clearance, etc.) – in the 21st century. It includes the issue of indigenous communities whose territories are cut across by borders (like the Sami people in the north of Europe).

The researchers who set up the project are at the University of Victoria (Canada). They have recently received funding of over $9 million from the federal government. They have also received additional funding of $2.5 million allocated to the project by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).
The project is led by Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly, a professor at UVic’s School of Public Administration, and Jeff Corntassel, a researcher in human sciences at UVic. The aim is to create a network made up of policy-makers and academics. Since 2014, the BIG network has launched over 130 research projects relating to borders in globalisation.

*16 universities in 15 countries in Australasia, Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa and South Asia.

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