Meeting between Michel Delebarre and Harlem Désir

February 2015

Meeting between Michel Delebarre and Harlem Désir

The MOT's President, Michel Delebarre, met Harlem Désir, Secretary of State for European Affairs, on 29 January 2015 in Paris, in order to discuss cross-border cooperation with respect to areas such as jobs, higher education, the environment and healthcare.

The Secretary of State stressed his particular interest in cross-border issues and the work carried out by the MOT which, thanks to its network of members, makes possible a direct connection between central government and the territories concerned. One of the areas of work with the staff of his private office relates to the identification of model events and projects to enable them to follow experiences on the ground.

Harlem Désir notably spoke about the "Erasmus +" cooperation project between Lorraine and Saarland in the area of apprenticeship, as well as the university cooperation project Eurocampus in the Upper Rhine. He also announced the holding of a French-German conference in July, at which cross-border territories – "Europe's laboratories" – will feature prominently.


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