Meeting with George Pau-Langevin, Overseas Minister

April 2015

Meeting with George Pau-Langevin, Overseas Minister

The MOT's President, Michel Delebarre, met the Overseas Minister, George Pau-Langevin, on 31 March 2015 in Paris, in order to discuss the need to establish a permanent connection between "cross-border territorial issues" and "overseas regions".

In order to promote the great potential for the cross-border development of France's overseas regions, a partnership between the ministry and the MOT would enable greater account to be taken of them in public policy. The MOT, which already has several representatives from France's overseas regions*, has carried out several projects concerning these territories (drafting of the Amazonia and Caribbean operational programmes for 2007-2013, outline of a cross-border house on the French Guiana-Brazil border, etc.).

We should also recall that 2014-2020 European programme has reinforced the priority given to and funding for cooperation of overseas regions, with the aim of expanding the operational projects that can be financed by EU programmes.

* French Guiana Region, Guiana Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Community of Municipalities of West Guiana.



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