Summit meeting for the High Valleys Conference (CHAV)

April 2023

Summit meeting for the High Valleys Conference (CHAV)

The representatives of the Hautes Vallées (High Valleys) territory (Maurienne, Grand Briançonnais, Pinerolese, Val di Susa e Sangone) met on March 28th at the Valfréjus mountain resort, just a few hundred metres from the French-Italian border.

This event marked both the end of five years of intense cooperation between the partners of the "Heart of the Alps" Integrated Territorial Plan, and the final stage of the support provided by the MOT as part of a mission whose aim was to:

  • To evaluate the projects carried out within the framework of the ALCOTRA 14-20 programming;
  • To elaborate a multi-thematic action plan for the future;
  • To work to improve the coherence and governance of this cooperation, which is based, since 2007, on an association under Italian law.

This mission identified a major challenge to be tackled as a priority in the coming years: strengthening the CHAV, both in terms of human and financial resources dedicated to this association, to enable it to play a leading role in coordination, structuring governance between the various stakeholders and communication with the inhabitants, particularly in the context of the future PITer ALCOTRA.

On this occasion, the elected representatives of the Hautes Vallées were able to count on the participation of the two ambassadors in charge of the formalization of the future Border Cooperation Committee of the Quirinal Treaty: Philippe Voiry, French ambassador for intergovernmental commissions, cooperation and cross-border relations, and Andrea Cavallari, Minister Plenipotentiary of Italy and coordinator for cross-border cooperation with France.

This meeting was preceded, the day before, by a time of exchange in Bardonecchia between the ambassadors and the two Mayors of Modane and Bardonecchia on the issues of proximity between the two Communes, to discuss in particular the subject of road and rail transport between France and Italy, the impact of these mobilities on the evolution of exchanges between the inhabitants and the current bottlenecks.

A second time of exchange with a wider scope then took place in the evening at the Museobar -the Museum of the border of Modane-, to discuss the many challenges in terms of intermodality and rail service around the historic and new lines 'Lyon-Turin', in the presence of ambassadors, the MOT and several representatives of leading organizations in the field of transport (CIG, TELT, managers of Alpine tunnels ...)

After the end of this mission, the MOT remains mobilized to continue its actions in support of local cooperation dynamics around the French-Italian land border, which, as stated in the article of the Treaty devoted to cross-border cooperation, "constitutes a continuous living area, where the French and Italian populations share a common destiny".

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