Report from the High-Level Group on EU Cohesion Policy

March 2024

Report from the High-Level Group on EU Cohesion Policy

The independent Group of High-Level Specialists on the Future of Cohesion Policy - set up in 2023 by Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms Elisa Ferreira - presented its report on 20 February 2024.

It assessed the functioning of Cohesion Policy and included recommendations on how to ensure the Policy continues to promote prosperity and convergence across the EU.

The Report is the outcome of intense work carried out by the Group throughout this past year, enriched by academic contributions, input papers prepared by the Commission, and presentations by different stakeholders. It is structured around three key questions:

  • Why is Cohesion Policy crucial for the future of Europe?
  • What does Cohesion Policy do, and what should it do?
  • How can Cohesion Policy better fulfil its mission of economic, social, and territorial cohesion in the context of the green and digital transition and demographic change?

Experts emphasized that "deficiencies in cross-border integration are costly". Thus, promotion of cross-border integration must continue, particulary by fostering cross-border cooperation through using programmes such as Interreg "as a way to foster a sense of European belonging".

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