The Scarpe-Escaut Nature Park awarded a European label

February 2023

The Scarpe-Escaut Nature Park awarded a European label

The Scarpe-Escaut European Nature Park, located on the French-Belgian border, has obtained the "Transboundary Park" label from the European Federation of Nature Parks, Europarc.

Structured in the form of an EGTC, the Scarpe-Escaut European Nature Park is made up of two nature parks on the French-Belgian border: the Scarpe-Escaut Regional Nature Park on the French side (created in 1968, it is the oldest RNP created in France) and the Plaines de l'Escaut Nature Park on the Belgian side (created in 1996).
The territory represents approximately 950 km², 300,000 inhabitants and 130 villages and towns. It is located between Lille, Valenciennes, Tournai and Mons.
The president of the Scarpe-Escaut Regional Nature Park, Grégory Lelong, emphasised on this occasion that this labelling is "a recognition of the cross-border work undertaken. It offers us new opportunities to carry out our missions and the possibility of benefiting from Europarc's support to transform our tourism, consumption and nature management practices, and to defend local issues at European level".

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Photo : Transparcnetmeeting / Parc Scarpe Escaut

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