Launch of the MOT's online forum

November 2017

Launch of the MOT's online forum

The MOT's Forum is up and running!

The MOT's members and partners can now use this network coordination tool to share ideas on all of the topics relating to cross-border cooperation, the obstacles encountered, the solutions found and good practices developed.
This project, which was launched by the meeting of the Technicians' Platform on 18 November 2015, aims to:
facilitate dialogue and direct exchanges between members of the MOT's network;
provide technical answers notably via the "obstacles/solution" entry point, and share experiences in this area;
enable the MOT to identify recurrent obstacles and to communicate them, where necessary, to the relevant levels (government departments, the European level).
You can contribute straightaway by creating discussion threads and adding your comments. And you can tell us about obstacles to cooperation you have encountered, solutions you have found and good practices implemented in the resources information sheets.
A search engine allows users to easily find the relevant information in the Forum that correspond to their needs and interests.
While this tool can carry out simple searches using keywords, it is also possible to do advanced searches by border, European programme, type of territory, topic or the nature of the obstacle.
The Forum is accessible only to the MOT's members and partners – the general public only has access to the titles of the discussion threads and information sheets via the homepages and search engine, but not to the content. A tutorial has been designed to help you familiarise yourself with this very user-friendly tool.

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Video tutorial [FR]

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