Border crises: joint responses and imbalances

September 2021

Border crises: joint responses and imbalances

What have been the different forms of border crisis since the start of 2020? Alongside the joint initiatives to manage the crises, what are the obvious imbalances they have revealed? To answer these questions, the MOT is publishing a summary of one year of reflections by its “Territorial Solidarities” working group.

Focused on the role of local players in the management of the crisis in cross-border areas, and with the involvement of ten or so participants, the working group has looked in detail at the specific issues relating to the impacts and management of the border crisis. Among the main findings are the need to put in place crisis coordination systems with the help of players on the ground, and the importance of better documenting the major structural imbalances (political, economic, social, tax-related, etc.) identified in these areas, with the aim of strengthening the public authorities’ responses to them.

Download the summary [FR]

Photo : Closed roads on Italian border during Coronavirus crisis
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