Franco-Italian conference "The cross-border living area"

May 2024

Franco-Italian conference "The cross-border living area"

A conference entitled “The cross-border living area: a laboratory for European integration between Italy and France” was held in Rome on April 18th, 2024. It brought together researchers, elected representatives and technicians from French and Italian border territories, both land and sea, as well as national administrations. The day of reflection was jointly organized by CERDACFF (DITER), Université Nice Côte d'Azur, and CNR/ ISSIRFA.

Jean Peyrony, Director General of the MOT, spoke in session 2: “What is a living area? Practices and experiences”.
The event showed a convergence of positive appreciation of the Quirinal Treaty: political recognition by both states of the border as a “living area”; the importance of the national level in stimulating cooperation; the European challenge with the prospect of FCBS regulations and the revision of the Schengen Code; and the challenges of inter-territoriality and differentiation linked to territorial reforms. Corsica and its maritime living area were also discussed.

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