Advances for cross-border sports

October 2022

Advances for cross-border sports

Following the modification of the French sports code (article L231-2-1) by the 3DS law of February 21st 2022, sportsmen and women residing abroad, and in particular in a country bordering France, no longer need to present a medical certificate when registering for a sports competition organised partly in a French border department.

Indeed, the French Sports Code was adapted by Article 185 of the law, which provides that "[...], when a competition mentioned in I of this article is organised, for the part on French territory, on the territory of one or more border departments, the participants are subject to the regulations of their place of residence as regards the conditions of registration".

Since then, an obstacle to cross-border cooperation, which prevented foreign border residents from participating in cross-border competitions, seems to have been removed at last. Nevertheless, sportsmen and women residing in France and not holding a specific licence must still provide a medical certificate when registering for a cross-border competition.  

First concrete application: a first Franco-German triathlon with Pamina! [FR]

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