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MOT-UNCDF Workshop "Cross-border cooperation and regional integration, a worldwide approach"

14 October 2015 in Brussels

The MOT and the UNCDF are organising a workshop on 14 October (09:00-10:45) during the 2015 session of the OPEN DAYS in Brussels, entitled "Cross-border cooperation and regional integration, a worldwide approach".

Code: 14C02
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The MOT will also take part in three other workshops:

  • Committe of the Regions' Workshop:
    The need for specific legal provisions in border areas
    14/10/2015 [11:15-13:00]
    Code: 14A05
  • European Commission's Workshop:
    Filling the data gap in border regions: the importance of developing meaningful cross-border data for policy making and programme management
    14/10/2015 [11:15-13:00]
    Code: 14C16
  • European Commission's Workshop:
    Cross-border urban integration: European groupings of territorial cooperation in twin cities and cross-border agglomerations
    14/10/2015 [14:00-17:00]
    Code: 14C15

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