Past events

Lyon 2021 - International Forum of EYP France

7 to 11 April 2021, online

Organized by the European Youth Parliament - France, from 7 to 11 April, online

The International Forum of EYP France which will be held in Lyon from the 7th to the 11th of April 2021.It is Head-Organised by Morgane Martin (FR), Victoire Demars (FR) and Emile Charreyre (FR). This event will gather 170 students from all over Europe to debate topics on Euroregions and European cooperation.

What is the European Youth Parliament? The European Youth Parliament (EYP) was founded in 1987 in France. Today, it is present in over 40 countries. It is a non-partisan non-governmental organisation that has provided European youth a platform for informal education about Europe and the European Union. It promotes active citizenship and cultural exchange amongst youth across Europe and allows them to express and form their opinions in a safe environment.

What is an International Forum? The International Forum is a parliamentary simulation which includes an Opening Ceremony, Teambuilding, Committee Work, General Assembly and Closing Ceremony, which are the core elements of every EYP session. It is an active exchange of ideas between young people from across Europe, an opportunity for the youth to discuss and debate current issues, in this case, about Euroregions and European cooperation.

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