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Lecture Series: "Border Realities. On the Renaissance of Borders in Uncertain Times"

October to December 2021, online

Organised par UniGR-Center for Border Studies, from October to December 2021, online

During the pandemic was the first time since the nation building that the borders of so many countries were closed at the same time. This event can be seen as the (preliminary) climax of a whole series of territorial (self-)securitizations, which call into question the idea of the “borderless world” that emerged in the 1990s. While territorial borders seemed to have lost their meaning under the influence of the expanding Internet, the fall of the Iron Curtain, increased mobility or global climate and environmental issues, a renaissance of borders has indeed been observed for the last two decades. [...]

Against this background, border studies in particular is called upon to provide appropriate knowledge regarding orientation and action. The multilingual lecture series builds on this and, on the one hand, brings together the multitude of topics and approaches of the multiparadigmatic field of work. On the other hand, it put research results up for discussion that result from the processing of current problems and challenges that bear the signature of the border. International researchers in spatial and cultural border studies are invited.

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