The Budapest Platform (2010-2015)

The origin of a coordination at national levels

At an international conference in Budapest in 2010, the representatives of four support organizations involved at national level in cross-border cooperation have signed the Budapest Declaration, aiming at setting-up a European platform of national cross-border cooperation support structures : the Budapest Platform.

After 2015, the coordination work at national levels, initiated by the Budapest Platform, has been followed via the process of the Platform of the Cross-border strategic committee on observation, and in the context of the Working Group on innovative solutions to cross-border obstacles.

Four funding members

  • The MOT for France
  • The CESCI for Hungary
  • The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations for the Netherlands
  • The Working communities Galicia-North Portugal and Castilla y León-North Portugal for the Spanish-Portuguese border.

The objectives

The objectives of the European platform are to create professional supporting network for multilevel organized cross-border cooperation, including the national level, to share experiences and realize common projects in order to remove obstacles to the development of cross-border areas.
The leaflet of the Platform.

A seminar in July 2013

The Budapest Platform organised a seminar on 2 July 2013 at the Union Benelux headquarters in Brussels on the role of the national level in supporting cross-border cooperation.
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A BUDAPESt platform workshop at the OPEN DAYS 2014

The Budapest Platform organised a workshop during the OPEN DAYS 2014 on: "New generation cross-border cooperation support at national level to overcome obstacles".
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