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Séminaire de recherche : "The model of the Franco-German border: Reconciliation, cooperation, integration"

7 et 8 octobre 2021, à Strasbourg, Kehl et en ligne.

Organisé par le réseau FRONTEM Jean Monnet.

The purpose of this seminar is to study the french/german border as a place of reconciliation and a force in terms of european integration. It will particularly concern the way the 2 cross border spaces, on the one hand the Upper Rhine (France, Germany and Switzerland) and on the other hand the Great Region (Germany, Luxembourg, France, Belgium) can be leaded, organised and how the people live it. It will also evoque the project of a new Elysée Treaty in order to complete the binational French/German couple by a local transborder level through the example of the already existing Euro district. At the end of the event there is also be a round table to discuss the possibility of a manifest regarding the Franco-German Border after COVID19.

Jean Peyrony, the Mot's general director will take part in this event as he will be speaking during the "Franco-German Model" seminar.

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